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#MoneyMondays- 7 Ways to Save an extra $100 this Week

It’s #moneymakingmondays here at Naturally Nerdy Chic! Is saving some extra cash one of your goals this month? Here are 7 great ways you can jump start on your savings! Also be sure to check out the bonus video on 16 (actually tried and proven) ideas to make some money through #sidehustles

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The Faces of Mental Health- From a Black Female Neuropsychologist Point of View

In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness month, Naturally Nerdy Chic spotlights a guest post from Keshia M. Sanders, a PhD candidate in Neuropsychology, and her views on the faces in Mental Health

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7 Activities (to Try) That Help Increase Happiness

If being happier is one of your goals for yourself, this blog post is just for you. Here’s a quick list of 7 activities you can try that will definitely get your vibes flowing in the right direction. You many even find out that some of them are things you are doing already.

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