ICYMI: Top 5 Moments of The Week 8/10-816 2019

In Case You Missed It, a lot of things happened this week. Here is a list of 5 moments that we feel stood out the most this week in the entertainment sphere. Each week’s top 5 moments shared will come from a different category from the last. So stay tuned for top 5 moments in areas like: news, music, books/movies and anime.

If there’s a moment that you feel we left out that stood out in this week’s Top 5 Moments, feel free to leave a comment below.

Top 5 Moments Of The Week In Entertainment

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Simone Biles Makes History not Once, but TWICE at This Year’s 2019 Gymnastics Championship:

In Case You Missed It, Simone Biles performed a Trip Double Routine during her floor exercise, also becoming the first person to do so in the history of gymnastics. However, Biles did not stop there as she went on to astound everyone further by completing a double twisting, double somersault dismount during a match from the beam. She is also the first person (again!) to ever do this, and once she performs it at internationals, the move will be named after her.

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Jay Z’s NFL Partnership and Co-Production of The Super Bowl Half-Time Show:

This Week Jay-Z made headlines after the announcement was made about his partnership with the NFL, along with him also co-producing the half-time show. The move sparked a lot of mixed emotions and debate among the community and a lot of people aren’t too happy about it. Some feel as if it’s a slap in the face towards Colin Kaepernick, while others believe that the move will help with tackling the issues Kaepernick stood for from inside of the league. The controversy behind the move was even felt within the industry and some were vocal about it on social media. Even going as far as creating the hashtag #ISTILLSTANDWITHKAP. Kapeernick himself hasn’t really made any statements (at this time) other than to thank all those that continue to support him and what he’s fighting for. Kaepernick is also still banned from playing in the league at this time as well.

Queen Radio’s Climatic Return:

Also this week, Nicki Minaj made headlines after her explosive interview with Joe Budden on the anniversary of her podcast Queen Radio. For the Season 2 opening episode, Joe Budden had been invite on as a guest. Unfortunately a heated exchange took place and the interview ended on an abrupt note. However the excitement didn’t end there when Nicki pulled up on Joe Budden as a guest on his podcast Everyday Joe that next day. That interview definitely has a lot of moments that had social media in a frenzy.

No SlutWalking This Year:

A very pregnant Amber Rose took to Twitter this week, to post this relatable meme, along with the announcement that there will not be a SlutWalk this year. If you aren’t familiar with her SlutWalk Movement, you can find a lot of information about it online. What made this announcement notable is not so much that she’s not having it, but her need to “protect her energy”. Knowing what’s best for your mental health, and choosing to put that part of your life first deserves applause. So often we make the mistake of putting ourselves in situations that will literally drain our energy from us. Or even put us in a toxic, depressive state. To let go of those people, and situations is extremely difficult sometimes, but doing what’s best (especially when it comes to your health) should always come first.

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Happy Birthday to Nipsey Hussle:

We are sending love and light to Lauren London and the Children of Nipsey Hussle, as they celebrated what would have been his 34th Birthday on 8/14/2019. There isn’t enough words to describe the individual that was Ermias Joseph Asghedom. His legacy continues to live on through his works, and the children that he leaves behind. May he Rest In Power, as he remains forever in our hearts and minds.