Lazy Nerd Diaries: Busy, Bored and Unmotivated

Lazy, Bored and Unmotivated

I hate to make this my millionth blog post on being lazy and unmotivated, but here we are yet again. I think that it’s safe to say that for most creatives, this is the path well traveled. Starting a new project can be the most exciting thing ever. So many ideas, and prospects and motivation starting is probably the easiest. Then you meet your first hiccup and even though the boat rocks a little, you still press on. Only to run into yet another trial, and maybe another and so on, until it seems like maybe… this isn’t the best idea (project) at this particular time. Giving up on something started, is honestly the easiest thing to do and so many of us fall victim to that temptation. Yes, I too am guilty. However, instead of giving up on something completely as I have done in the past, I take breaks instead. Taking a step back from creative genius overload with the mindset that I can pick up back where I left off alleviates me from feeling guilty. Guilty about maybe not committing myself 110% all of the time, or not being able to give fans of the blog the content that I feel that they deserve.

It also helped me realize that although I filled in my time with “busy work”, none of it was actually productive. All the things that I told myself I had to do, were things taking me in the opposite direction of my goals. So how does one make the shift from “just being busy for the sake of”, to “crossing off and getting things done”?

4 Ways to Hack Your Way out of A Productivity Slump

  • Learn Something New: It is a known and also scientific fact that every time you learn something new, it forms a neural pathway in your brain. In those moments of slump, when you just can’t get anything done to save your life, or even not a spark of creativity; Learn Something New. Not only will you become a little smarter, but also become full of so many new ideas, thanks to the intellectual stimuli you’ve given yourself. Applications like Duolingo and Curious are great places to start when looking for a way to learn something new. You can also try taking a distance learning course through your local community college. Most of them provide not only academic courses, but fast paced career/ skill based courses too. Make sure to check out our post on our top recommendations and resources!

  • Inspirational Audio: Whether you are in the midst of a slump or just need a quick on the spot pick me up, listen to something inspirational. Podcasts are a really great way to get a lot of information, inspiration and recommendations in a small amount of time. For me, the best time to squeeze in a podcast is during the mornings while I’m getting myself ready for the day. Your daily commute is another great opportunity to squeeze in some inspirational audio. Challenge yourself to listen to something inspirational first thing in the morning every day for a week. You may be surprised how you feel when the week ends.

  • Get Moving: If you don’t already know it, working out is one of the best things you can do for yourself to break out of a slump. When you get the blood pumping through exercise, your body will release endorphins giving you a complete mood makeover. Plus your brain will also thank you, as it will also help get your creative juices flowing. Ready to work out but don’t know where to begin? There are definitely apps for that. There are a million (it seems) apps on the market that can help you reach your fitness goals. See our Resource page for our Naturally Nerdy Chic recommends.

  • Create an Inspirational Mood Board: Sometimes the best way to leave a productivity slump behind, is to re-visit your why. What motivated you to get to where you are headed in the first place? If you’re still struggling to answer this, that’s perfectly fine. In fact creating an inspirational mood board will help you with this. You can create one on platforms like Pinterest, and Tumblr as well. If you’re using Pinterest, just create a board titled “Why I Started” and pin motivational quotes, articles and things that represent that. You can actually find and follow other people’s inspirational boards on both Pinterest and Tumblr as well. +

*** Bonus: Here’s a motivational video that you should definitely watch if you’re determined to leave your current slump behind! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment below.