Black History Month: 4 Ways to Celebrate All Year Long

A brief backstory…

It’s officially February guys, and for those of us that are black Americans, it’s also Black History Month. For those that aren’t familiar with BHM, it’s a time that we honor the achievements of African Americans today and throughout history.

It’s origins begin in 1926, when African American scholar Carter G. Woodson, founded Black History Week. In the subsequent decades, the week eventually became a month of celebration by 1976. However, in modern times, more and more African Americans agree, that achievements, made in our community are something that should be celebrated all year long.

Here a couple of quick ideas, that you can apply to show the spirit of BHM lives all year long in your life.

4 Ways to Celebrate BHM All Year Long

Stay Well Read

I know it sounds plain, but really? There are so many amazing books out there, past and present so there is no reason not to stay well read. Reading is fundamental, and if you may also find the answers to some of your inner questions inside of a good book! If you don’t have a clue what books to start reading, check out this post for that info. Subscribe to blogs that have strong cultural themes related to all things related to the modern African American. You can find pretty good content in some of the popular blogs like: Blavity, xoNecole, and Black Enterprise to name a couple. There are so many more different publications out there, so this where you would do your research to find ones that align with your own personal beliefs.

Support Black Community Centered Charity Groups

For those of us that are familiar with the lyrics to “The Greatest Love of All”, the opening line goes: “I believe that children are our future; Teach them well and let them lead the way….” Change isn’t something that just starts within us as people, it also starts within our communities. Giving back to our communities by supporting our own charities is one of the best ways to celebrate BHM all year long. There are a lot of different charities out there, so do your research to find ones that actively help benefit your community.

Support Black Businesses

It is estimated that black people alone hold $1.2 trillion dollars in just raw buying power. That says a lot. As a people it is important that we support one another. Together we can change the narrative of what it means to create our own generational wealth within our communities. The best place to start is to support our own businesses. Believe it or not, there are so many black owned businesses in the world, and so many more that are starting each day. By supporting black businesses we are putting the power of our buying power back into our own communities. We create a world for our children to grow up without fear of not having the same advantages as other cultures and minority groups.

Volunteer In Your Community

Although we covered donating money to Black Charities, we won’t neglect the importance of pure volunteer work. A lot of celebrated BHM achievements were only accomplished by the help they were giving to others. By volunteering in your community, you too become a contributor to Black History. Making a difference in your community carries just as much impact in the lives of individuals as making a difference in the entire world. And yes, every little bit really does count. Whether it’s volunteering to read to children, care for the elderly or even host an event that will benefit others.

What are some ways that are listed here, you celebrate BHM? If not all year long, what are some things you do during the month instead? Leave your response in the comments!