Spring Forward: Tips to get back on Track

Photo by UberImages/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by UberImages/iStock / Getty Images

Spring is almost officially here! Preceding Spring's arrival is Daylight Savings Time, where clocks are moved up an hour. During this period of extra time, most people try to take advantage of it and maximize their productivity. However, everyone isn't as successful with this, at least not the way they want to be. 

I am personally, fresh off of a self care break, and my current struggle is getting back on track. If you haven't read my previous post on Self Care Breaks, you should check it out! In my defense, I have still been creating with my time, just not on the level that I normally operate on. 

In an effort to crank it into gear for the upcoming season, I decided to do a little research. Based off of my findings I have compiled a short but effective list on ways to "Spring back on Track" below!

Tips to Spring Back on Track

Photo by jacoblund/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by jacoblund/iStock / Getty Images

  • "Goal" Big

There is no such thing as goals that are too big, so when you're planning your spring back, you want to start with that first. As we finish the first quarter and enter into the second, take a moment to re-evaluate your goals for this year. Are you thinking small, or dreaming big? A favorite quote of mine goes: "Have goals so big, it makes you leap out of bed every morning!" There is no time frame for goal setting, you can create new ones at any time. Are your goals big enough? If not, take it back to the drawing board, and figure out what your "big" goal will be.

  • Get Clear

Once you figure out your big goal, then you need to get clear on your smaller goals. Every big dream has smaller actions that must be taken in order to reach them. For example let's say your big goal for this year is to become a top selling real estate agent. Some smaller, and clear goals you could set under this goal could be: sign-up to take the course; find a mentor to learn from; etc.  Whatever smaller steps that you need to take behind your big goals, get clear on it in the beginning. That way when you find yourself getting lost (because we all do), you still know what path you're on. 

  • Understand the Importance of Each Day

Each day is important, not just because it's a gift. It's an opportunity to work on the areas to bring you closer to your dreams. Studies show that just devoting even as little as 2 hours a day will greatly impact your progress on your goals. You don't necessarily have to spend time "working" on them everyday. Sometimes the "work" may just be spending time on things to help you on a personal level. After all, your mental health is just as important as your goals too. 

Photo by shironosov/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by shironosov/iStock / Getty Images

  • Adopt a "No-Matter-What" Attitude

Multiple studies have been conducted and all of them can confirm the same thing: Your outlook greatly influences your success. In people that had higher levels of self-confidence in their ability to succeed, often times they were successful. With that in mind, when Springing back on track creating a "No Matter What" attitude is . By telling yourself that you are determined to meet and exceed your goals no matter what, it motivates you on a subconscious level. 

  • Remember no one transforms overnight

It is a process, and one that you have to accept from the start. Remember as you spring back onto that track, that sometimes you will veer off course. It happens, sometimes, it's things that can be helped, and other times it won't be. The point is not to beat yourself down about it if it happens. If you happen to drop the baton, pick it back up and keep running. A great way to remind yourself that this happens to a lot of people, is to simply read other people's stories. You will find that many people have had similar obstacles that they too had to overcome. Especially the obstacle of getting out of your own way first. If you need some ideas on books you should read, check out my post on Books To Get You Fired Up

Although this list was short and sweet, I hope that it gave you some helpful ideas. More importantly I hope that you implement them with me, as we Spring Back on Track! As a bonus, I decided to include a motivational video on "Getting Back On Track" below! 

 Are you trying to spring back on track? If so, what are your goals for the coming quarter? Leave a comment in the discussion below!