Open World Fable? Possibly...Coming Soon

Are you a fan of the Fable series? If so then you will the news! There is a rumor that creators of Forza Horizon is currently in the process of developing an open-world version of Fable. Since Microsoft owns the rights to Fable itself, this game will be an original. However it will possess all of the qualities that we love about Fable

The bad news? The game will be taking longer to release, so as of right now no date has been stated. 

Now all of this is just rumor and speculation. Microsoft has refused to comment on "rumor or speculation" at this point, so we can only hope that it is true. 

I actually only played Fable 2 and Fable 3 myself. Popular opinion is that first one was the best, but I thought that Fable 2 was very good too. I like Fable 2 because you come from harsh beginnings, which you overcome to become a hero. I admit I was somewhat disappointed with Fable 3 despite the fact that it picked up where the last one left off. 

Since I'm also a fan of Elder Scrolls Online, I'm hoping this Fable open world will also share similarities with that. In the beginning I wasn't too sure about an open world Elder Scrolls, but now I cannot stop playing! So I'm definitely here for all of the adventures you can find in an open world Fable.

 It is possible that the developers will get it right, and we will be talking about how we can't stop playing the new Fable. If the game is really in development, you can expect confirmation of it in the near future. 

Are you interested in the new fable? Leave a comment below on what you think an open world version would be like.