Lazy Nerd Diaries: Self Care Breaks

Work Overload = Future Burnout?

Photo by jacoblund/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by jacoblund/iStock / Getty Images


When it comes to building a business, a lot of work goes into it. Not just work but life blood, sweat and tears too. 

If you haven't noticed, I haven't posted on the blog lately. That is simply because I needed to take a break. It wasn't something that I intended for myself, but I knew I was getting burnt out. 

Not only that, I was struggling with getting some writing done. During my time away from the blog, I did some things for myself. Taking some time away from writing didn't just mean "not writing", but giving myself some much needed attention. 

Ways to maximize a Self Care Break

Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images

  • Develop a Self-Care Ritual

When it comes to making the most of a self-care break, the best thing you can do is create a ritual for yourself. By developing a routine for your self-care, you can smoothly ease into your break. Create a checklist of things that you feel are ways to show yourself how much you care about you. It can be taking a trip to the salon, or going out for a mani/pedi. Whether it's doing something outside of your home, or inside, list everything down. Then decide on a working plan, and implement it. You will thank yourself later, as you bask in the wonderful feeling that comes following self-care. Looking for some ideas on how to create your ritual, or what things you should add to your list? Below is a great video I found, on one young woman's  self care routine that may be useful to you!

  • Create a habit of mindfulness

During my own personal self-care break, I relied heavily on my mindfulness practice. If you aren't familiar, mindfulness is "the state of being aware of something." For most of us this means being aware of the present. Often times, we, as human beings are consumed with thoughts that are either about the past or the future. So much so, that we often lose sight of our present moment. When you develop the habit of mindfulness, you concentrate on keeping yourself aware in your current moment. In your current moment, where are you? what are you doing? are happy or sad? If so, does it have anything to do with your current moment? Often times if we're sad, upset, overwhelmed, fearful, etc it's over things that happened in our past, or things that we're worried about for our future. During my self care vacation, my mindfulness practice helped me to avoid worrying over the things I wasn't doing because of my break.  If you're curious about mindfulness, and want to learn more the TEDTalk Video below does an excellent job explaining it.

  • Surround yourself with Positive Influences

I can't stress the importance of having positive influences in your life. Especially when you're on a self care break. People think that taking a break out for self means isolating yourself from other people to focus on you. Yes, that is one way, and it's very helpful for some. However, there's nothing wrong with being social on your self-care break, especially when it involves positive people. Having positive influences around you, will actually help to increase your own positive energy! In fact, it's an amplifier! You will know what types of people are a positive influence on your life, by how you feel after being around them. People with a positive influence should leave you feeling uplifted, and good about yourself and life. If you are familiar with Gary Vayenerchuk, he has a great video about surrounding yourself with positive people. If you aren't, then you may be in for a treat as you watch the video below!

Well, break time is over for me guys, but the routines and practices don't stop! I promise to warn you guys next time I'm going on a hiatus. 

Have you made time lately for a self care break? If you have, what are some things that you did? Comment below and tell us what things are on your self care checklist!