Lazy Nerd Diaries: Goals and Personal Mantras for 2019

On Personal Mantras, and Why you Need One…

A couple of years ago, when I decided to become a blogger I stumbled across the practice of saying affirmations or personal mantras. In fact personal mantras are positive inspirational and motivational affirmations that reinforce your desire to become your best self.

It is my personal belief that everyone should have a personal mantra for their life. Some benefits to having your own include:

  • It acts a personal guide.

  • It helps you to center your mind.

  • It reassures you when you begin to doubt yourself.

A personal mantra doesn’t have to be eloquent or unnecessarily wordy. In fact, something short and sweet can be just as effective as long as it authentically expresses your goal.(concept, idea etc.) Once you’ve thought about, and decided on your personal mantra, spend 5-10 minutes daily focused on it. Say it out loud, or spend time thinking about it.

You’d be surprised how far having a personal mantra could take you. For example, in the video below L.A Reid shares his own experience (and success) with having a personal mantra.

If you still need help with creating your own personal mantra then make sure you check my other post on how, here.

On Becoming Better in 2019 aka GOALS

Naturally Nerdy Chic’s main goal is to focus on the everyday struggle and life of today’s natural millennial nerd. Topics can include tackling controversial social issues, social media entertainment, gaming and even healthcare and beauty.

In the coming year I promise to not only provide consistency, but content that embodies the focus of the blog. As we may have mentioned in a previous post, I’m bringing on a Fashion/Beauty consultant for the Chic of Naturally Nerdy. This new chapter of the blog will also feature a YouTube channel too that you can follow and subscribe too.

I also hope to have a lot more interesting and pertinent guest blog posts from other bloggers. So if you’re a writer looking to become featured on the blog, please be sure to email through the contact page. You can also follow and contact the blog on Instagram and Facebook.

On that note, I’d like to leave another inspiring video below by one of my personal faves Luvvie Ajayi. She not only has a successful blog, but she’s a best selling author as well. In this short Ted Talk, she talks about how you will find yourself having to step outside of your own comfort zone.

Feel free to share your thoughts, goals or even personal mantra in the comment section below.