Jungle Throwbacks on Hulu for the Win

Photo by tommaso79/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by tommaso79/iStock / Getty Images

If you're going to be chilling around the house, (or someone else's) the last thing you want to be is bored.

Me personally, I love a good movie weekend. Especially one that includes some classic throwbacks. 

This weekend's watchlist is brought to you by Hulu, no affiliation. I just happen to like their shows and movies. I also think that they do a great job with rounding up some good throwback movies. 

Here's my list of Jungle Throwback Movies to watch this weekend:

The Jungle Book 

This by far is my favorite version of the The Jungle Book. Don't get me wrong, the one that came out recently was very good. However, I have yet to see another Jungle Book take the story as far as this version did. In this version, we get to see Mowgli as a young man. He still has the same decision as the original: To join the world of men or to stay in the world of the jungle. If you haven't seen this version before (or don't remember it) then you should definitely put this in your watchlist. 

George of The Jungle

This has to be one of my favorite jungle throwback movies! Not to mention a young Brendan Fraser has it's appeals too. I must warn you, you must have a strong stomach for some slapstick humor. Some of the jokes may be a little corny, but I still just overall love the movie. If you do decide to give this one a watch some names to keep in mind include: George- the main character, who was raised by gorillas in the jungle; Ursula Stanhope- an heiress who is rescued by George; Lyle- Ursula's obnoxious fiancee' who causes problems; 

Jungle 2 Jungle

This is a really awesome feel-good throwback jungle movie to check out. A lawyer is engaged to be married, except for one thing: he's still married. (Tim Allen: Home Improvement). Since his estranged wife has been living with a tribe in the jungle for years, he has no choice but to track her down. With divorce papers in hand, he locates her only to find out that he as a young teenaged son. An arrangement is made, and soon the lawyer is struggling to bond with a son that he didn't know he had. A definite throwback for the list, so add it!


Last, but definitely not the least: Tarzan! This has to be one of the best throwback jungle books on this list. As well as on Hulu. With award winning music, we follow the story of Tarzan: a human who is taken in and raised by gorillas as one of their own. Similar to George of the Jungle, but unlike it because it is completely animated. We're actually able to see into the minds of the Gorillas and other animals Tarzan call friends. Let's also not forget the infamous "Tarzan meet Jane" that takes place in the movie. It's a classic favorite in my home, and if it isn't already it will be one in yours too!

That wraps up my list! Don't have a Hulu account? Get a FREE account for 30 days on me HERE. If you decide you want to keep streaming plans start at 7.99/month. And if you do cancel, you can always pick back up where you left off when you come back. Happy Streaming!

What's on your weekend movie watchlist? Know any good Jungle-themed movies that you didn't see on the list? Tell us all about it in the comments!