Lazy Nerd Diaries: Tweet Gone Wrong and Being Misunderstood

So yesterday, Kim K decided to "break the internet" once again. This time she posted a (not so surprising) photoshoot picture of her boob. Naturally, the social media world was lit with reactions to her photo. 

I admit, I even participated with a joke of my own. Little did I know that my tweet would actually be misinterpreted by other users. 

Since it's a known fact that Kim Kardashian likes to "break the internet" to deflect attention from other situations I tweeted the following:

I was basically insinuating (incorrectly) that the reason Kim K dropped the pic was to keep people away from the real story: One of her sisters had given birth to their child. However, other twitter users, assumed that I was saying, Khloe or Kylie had given birth to Kim Kardashian's newest addition (that she recently had through a surrogate).


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Being completely misunderstood was the most irritating moment I've had this year. Although my tweet was pretty clear to myself, the fact that other people read it a different way was mind blowing. It revealed the all too real fact that personal voice is lost in the jumble of words in the social media sphere.

No matter how something may be written, the message is left up to interpretation by the reader.

Despite my joke being clear to myself, as I know my tone and words, it completely blew over a few people's heads. To the point that they felt the need to "let me know", or quote me.

Although I'm an introvert for the most part, being misunderstood brought out the extrovert in me. So, yes I did address everyone who said something about it to clarify my statements. 

However, in truth I don't need to clear up anything with anyone. The same way there are people who will misunderstand me, there are also people who completely got the joke the first time. They are the ones worth my time, because they are my audience and people I want to connect with. 

I'm not here to make friends with, and have everyone like me. The world is too big of a place, and that's just mission impossible. I am however, here to connect with like-minded people who are on the same wavelength as me. 

Photo by zeremski/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by zeremski/iStock / Getty Images

Another honest moment: I tried to delete the tweet afterwards, but I woke up the next day and I guess I actually hadn't. I was relieved that I didn't because I wanted to use it as an example. Not for the purpose of the blog but for myself.

It's a reminder to me that yeah I'm going to say something, and people may not take it the way I want them to. I won't run from or hide in shame though, instead I will stand behind what I said. Even if people laugh, ridicule or say things out of their own ignorance.

I know what I said, and I also know what I meant. I'm probably going to have a lot of unpopular and misunderstood opinions in the future too. I can't change that.

I'm also not going to stop being who I am just because there are people who won't understand me.

Photo by GeorgeRudy/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by GeorgeRudy/iStock / Getty Images

When you start worrying about the things people think and say about the things you say and do, you stop living for yourself. It's like setting yourself up for failure, and it's just not worth it.

This experience was a lesson learned for me, but one I felt I should share. 

Have you ever made a post on social media that was misunderstood by other people? If so I would love to hear about it in the comments below!