In the Night Sky: First Quarter Astronomy Calendar

Photo by ClaudioVentrella/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by ClaudioVentrella/iStock / Getty Images

If you haven't guessed already, one of the things I geek out about on the blog is Space! Not to mention that I am also working on a sci-fi/adventure novel right now too. Anyways, this post is for my astronomy nerds! 

Lately I have developed a habit of standing on my back porch and staring at the sky. It is one of the most relaxing experiences. It provides a needed escape from technology for a little bit, and I can really sink into my thoughts.

 If you're wanting to catch some of space's coolest displays, but aren't sure when this quick list has you covered. The Complete Astronomy Calendar is out for the year, and you can even watch the video below. For the sake of attention spans, I have listed astral shows you can watch in the first quarter. Save the dates below so you don't miss out!


First Quarter Astronomy Calendar For 2018

January 2: First Full Moon of the year

January 3, 4: Quadrantids Meteor Shower

January 31: Full Moon, Super Moon, Blue Moon

January 31: Total Lunar Eclipse

February 15: Partial Solar Eclipse

March 15: Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation

It felt pretty amazing being able to see the First Full Moon of 2018. I enjoyed myself so much, that I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of the Super Moon at the end of the month.

Photo by zoff-photo/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by zoff-photo/iStock / Getty Images

If you're interested in astronomy, what are you hoping to see this quarter? Leave a comment below!