Snowed In? Weekend Anime Binge-Worthy Shows

I don't know what the weather is like where you are this weekend, but where I am it's a lot of cold white stuff on the ground. For that reason, I'll be hanging around the house and chilling instead. The only problem I can see with staying in for the most part, is what to watch. 

This weekend watchlist comes from the Category of Anime. There are just so many amazing anime shows, that I honestly couldn't even decided what to watch. My personal shows list is really long, but for the sake of attention spans everywhere this list won't be. Here's my list of 7 Anime Shows that are worth bingeing on, during a weekend stay inside!




  • HUNTER X HUNTER (2011)

This anime follows young Gon, who has set out on a journey to become a Hunter to find out more about his dad. During his adventures of becoming a Hunter, you meet other hunters and learn their reasons for taking the exam. I really can't explain how good this show is in words. If you haven't added this one to your watchlist, you won't regret the addition.


First let me say that if you haven't watched Naurto then you definitely need to start there first. At least before you start Naurto Shippuden, which picks up where Nauruto left off. An older Nauruto continues to pursue his dream of becoming the Hokage of his village so that he will be respected. If you haven't watched the series yet, I won't divulge any spoilers. I will say that there are a lot of really great moments though. Some will make you laugh, and yes some will make you cry. 


From the opening of the show, throughout the entire series this show will have you on the edge. I literally watched this one in about a week. It is action packed with secret, lies, and even betrayal. 


If you're into anything magical at all then Fairy Tail has you covered. It follows the adventures of the guild and some of its members. There are some pretty major epic battles that take place in this series. Not to mention I have a thing for Dragon Slayer magic and just all types of wizardry. 


As a private school brat, I understand the importance of good grades and passing. However, although being Elite may be a requirement to get into Hopes Peak Academy, that is not what is required to pass. For this school, the only way to pass is to murder your own classmate without getting caught! And Principal Monokuma's watchful eye will make sure that the students follow the rules. Although I admit this one's a little dark, it will definitely keep your mind guessing. 


This anime follows Mikado Ryugamine who has just moved to Ikebukuro. He only has one friend there named Masaomi Kida, but both of them are also connected by the secrets they hold. However neither one of them are aware of that fact. They also befriends a quiet and loner girl Henri, who also harbors a crazy secret of her own. There are so many interesting characters in Ikebukuro that are all intertwined together through fate and circumstances. The modern and edginess in this anime makes it worth a weekend binge!


This anime is just a classic. I could end it at that and be happy with it. Honestly, you fall in love with Luffy as he sets out on his quest to become king of the pirates. A bold and outrageous statement, but one that he fiercely believes in. Along the way you watch him meet members of his crew, who also have their own goals but believe in his. This is one show that gives me all the feels whenever I watch it. 

If you are well versed in the land of anime shows, and didn't see one that you love on the list please drop a comment! I love adding new shows to the list, and my own personal watch list.