Recap: Best lesson I learned in 2017

Photo by m-imagephotography/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by m-imagephotography/iStock / Getty Images

It is nearing the end of 2017 and I would like to pause and just recap on the year from a personal level. A lot has happened to me this year, and I am so grateful for every thing. Even the bad experiences, because they helped teach me a really valuable lesson. It's also because of this lesson, that Naturally Nerdy Chic is here too!

Best Lesson I learned in 2017

The best lesson I learned this year was that:

Mindset is Everything

 I know it sounds absurd, but your outlook literally shapes the world around you.

I didn't believe it at first either.

When you're negative and pessimistic, you only notice all the bad things happening to you.

You didn't get the job you applied for, you lost your favorite (insert item), or your relationship ended with someone on a bad note. All you can think about is how screwed up everything is. Not to mention it just seems like one bad thing is happening after another.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in what is only going wrong around us. So much so, that we start to identify ourselves in a negative way. As a result, it's only natural that all we can see around is the negative things.

Then on top of seeing only the negatives, what we think about ourselves become negative also.

Photo by m-imagephotography/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by m-imagephotography/iStock / Getty Images

Adopting a Practice of Mindfulness

So how do you make the shift from being a negative thinker to a more positive one? You practice mindfulness of course.

Mindfulness is basically taking ownership of your thoughts and the things that you say. Not specifically to other people, but to yourself. We don't even realize that we are being negative to ourselves. It may be a habit that you have had for years, so you don't even think about it. 

Being negative created beliefs about myself that I didn't even know I lived under. "I don't ever finish anything that I start" was one belief that was born out of my negativity. I believed it wholeheartedly. I even lived it... I would literally start things and not finish it. 


Photo by HASLOO/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by HASLOO/iStock / Getty Images

Becoming more mindful allowed me to see the need to take ownership of myself. Saying things like I never get anything done, wasn't getting anything done. In fact, if I'm honest, it was a terrible excuse to be lazy. I didn't like saying things like that, and I didn't want to be that person anymore. 

Every time I found myself thinking that belief about myself, I would change it. When I thought I never finish anything I start, I would mentally list things I finished in my life.

I learned to ride a bike. I graduated school. I ignored my fears of height, and slid down a zip line once. I went camping and survived. 

Just anything at all, that I actually finished. Making that shift in mindset, opened my eyes to other positive things. Opportunities began to open up for me. I found myself becoming more confident about myself. 

There are so many important lessons that I learned this year. I just feel like, learning how to shift my mindset was the best one. For so many reasons; One of them being, I didn't realize how much I held myself back. I was literally hurting myself mentally and spiritually.

Becoming more conscious about my thoughts and words helped me to undo that. For that I am forever humbled and grateful for each and every lesson. I am also able to appreciate them a whole lot more than I would have before. 

I would love your feedback! What was the best lesson that you learned in 2017? Leave a comment below.