In the Sky...Asteroid with a chance of meteor showers

So last week NASA confirmed that there will be an Asteroid that is 3 miles wide (5km) passing near earth. In it's wake it will also bring an amazing Geminids Meteor shower. The shower itself taking place and peaking Wednesday night December 13, 2017. It's estimated that there will be up to 120 shooting stars within that shower. 

The space rock - dubbed "3200 Phaethon" after the Greek God - will come "quite close" to Earth on December 17. Russian astronomers have been tracking the asteroid's path, which has been described by NASA as a "potentially hazardous asteroid".


Other Interesting Facts about this event

  • Scientist consider this asteroid to be "potential hazardous"
  • It will pass 6.4 million miles (10.3 KM) from Earth, which is considered "extremely close"
  • This event is actually a yearly event, that takes place around this time of year (December).
  • The asteroids flight actually causes meteors to fly from the Constellation Gemini.


The Geminid meteor shower will put on a dazzling show for skywatchers when it peaks overnight on Dec. 13-14, 2017. NASA will show a livestream of the Geminid shower beginning at 9 p.m. EST (10 p.m. Central) on Dec. 13, from the Automated Lunar and Meteor Observatory at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

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