Chic Finds: Rue La La

So Naturally Nerdy Chic will start featuring something I like to call Chic Finds. Feel free to comment below names of some chic boutiques to feature on the blog in the chic finds categories. After all, when you look good, you feel good! 

Today's Chic Find is Rue La La. I have been shopping with Rue La La for a couple of years now and I absolutely love and recommend them. They have a very large selection of some of the hottest luxury brands out. You can even find some vintage chanel, louie v, and hermes occasionally. And the best part? The price! When compared to the retail value of these products, you actually get these items for a major steal. As a bonus all of their products come with certificates of authenticity which should relieve anyone who is worried about buying something that is actually a knock off. 



There is a catch though: The sales are only for a limited time, and sometimes the quantities are limited. It makes sense though, seeing as you are getting a great deal on these luxe finds. They have campaigns for each sale and it usually runs until either all the products have sold out or the time expired. You are notified through email (and banner notifications if you have the application and this feature is enabled) when a new sale campaign has started. They also have a coming soon page, where you can find a list of their upcoming sales. So you can actually set an alarm on your phone in advance so you won't miss it! 

I could really go on and on about how great Rue La La is for the Naturally Nerdy Chick with Chic tastes but you can also follow the link and see for yourself! 

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