Restless Relationship Syndrome

Photo by Wavebreak/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Wavebreak/iStock / Getty Images

A Little Back Story...

***These characters do not represent anyone or their story. This is a fictional scenario for entertainment purposes only.****

Evan and Shae have been dating for almost 5 years. They live together, and even share a daughter together. However, every year around August, Shae catches Evan cheating on her with other women. Eventually things will escalate and near the beginning of October Evan will move out with the other woman. Things will usually fall apart between him and the other chick, and by January he is back at home with S. This pattern has been going on for almost 5 years and this year is no exception. As of right now Evan is currently with his newest piece, and Shae is trying to figure out what exactly is the point in her being there anymore. 

Restless Relationship Syndrome

This happens to be something that I would like to call "Restless Relationship Syndrome." Restless Relationship Syndrome can happen at any time, day, season and without warning sometimes. It is when a man (or woman) decides that they want to explore their options and temporarily leave the relationship. Some signs that your partner has this is: 

  • He/ She argues about little things
  • They struggle with simple communication
  • Your friend sends you screenshots of their likes and comments and the same person is always a little too extra.
  • Or He/She is always being a little too extra (liking all pics, leaving emojis etc.) on someones social media account
  • They post status updates about being unhappy all the time


My personal advice to Shae:

There is no point to being there. Just leave. As long as Shae leaves the door open for Evan to keep leaving, the pattern will continue to repeat itself. He will continue to get angry when he gets caught up and storm out of the relationship. Only to return home once he realizes the grass isn't greener on the other side.

To be honest, the grass on the other side may not be so terrible, because it is clear that Evan himself is what is wrong here.  

Self love is so important, and I hope that Shae loves herself enough to realize she deserves so much more from a relationship than what Evan gives her. I know it is hard, especially when children are involved. Yet, she will have reach deep inside of herself and pull out the strength that has been there, to move on. 

What advice would you give Shae for her situation? Leave a comment below and tell us what you would do in her shoes.