7 of the Best Tech Items this Season (Part 1)

Photo by id-art/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by id-art/iStock / Getty Images

I know that it's gift giving season, but you may want some of these things for yourself. There have been a lot of awesome electronics released this season, some you may know of and some you probably didn't. This list has got you covered if you're looking for a starting place on what's trending this year! If you didn't see something that you thought should have been on my starter list, feel free to leave it in the comments! 

  1. Nintendo Switch Console: As a huge gamer, I definitely feel like that this is one item that you should add to your list, if you have not already. This console not only gives you the ability to turn your phone into a gaming device, but it can become an entertainment center when docked in a station. Bonus? Playing Mario and Zelda.
  2. Apple ipad Pro: I would be absolutely lost without my ipad. There are just so many amazing productivity apps, it's pretty fast and the battery life on this thing is amazing. It's a gift that is definitely worth giving this season! 
  3. Amazon Echo Spot: If you were looking for a slightly smaller Amazon Echo Show, then the Amazon Echo Spot is well... spot on! <insert laughing emoji>  Like the show it has a front facing camera and display screen. However, it's smaller and well, pretty cute. It includes one speaker and the features of Alexa like the regular Echo.
  4. Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds: I absolutely live for my wireless buds, and these little babies are a perfect gift to give this holiday season. These are perfect for workouts, or discrete listening during tedious work tasks. Once charged you should be able to get at least 10 hours of listening out of these buds. There is also an app you can connect your buds to for an enhanced listening experience. 
  5. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch: As I get ready to add "getting fit" to my upcoming New Year's resolution, I'm definitely adding this watch to that list. It features a GPS, heart-rate tracker and it can send over guided exercises. Other features that make this worth the grab: it's waterproof, you can change the band, you can install apps and lastly never miss any of your notifications from your phone. 
  6. Tile (Anything Finder): Always losing something and screaming you wish there was an easier way to find it? Well eliminate yelling in frustration, by buying this the Tile Anything Finder (Combo Pack). Of course as long as the item is within range of Bluetooth. 
  7. Steel Series Arctis Gaming Headset: These are perfect if you are looking for a great quality gaming headset without hurting your pockets. The mic is sensitive enough for chating with friends in-game or video calling. Not to mention the fact that they're comfortable is another great reason to grab these.

And that concludes the 7 Best Tech Items this Season Part 1! I realized halfway through making this list that this list is way to short for all the things out this season. Therefore part 2 will be coming very soon!

Suggestions? Leave them below in the comments!