Anime Files: Dubbed Vs. Subbed


Anyone that knows me personally, knows that I am an anime nerd. I just can't get enough of them! As a writer, the writing done in some of my favorite shows are absolutely amazing! Recently I finished watching Attack on Titan (which still has me reeling by the way) and I appreciated how the show compelled me to watch it. I won't have that particular discussion on this post right now though.

I wanted to cover the big dubbed vs. subtitled debate. If you ask me which side of the debate I am on, I would say I'm team dubbed anime all the way. 

Here is why:

  • A lot is missed in Subbed Anime- I watched a dubbed anime with subtitles on by accident once. It was awful, but while watching I noticed a lot of the words that were said were missed in the captions.  There are a lot of expressions that do not translate well into the English language. So when the subtitles are done the words that closely match what is being said are what's used, leaving a lot of words out. Anime that is dubbed involves creating an entire script that bridges the gap between the two languages so a dialogue that actually flows is created.
  • I get easily distracted- A personal problem I know, but it's so easy to get distracted while reading the subtitles in an anime (for me at least). I struggle with keeping up with the subtitles and sometimes I end up missing important scenes. The language is also distracting because then I'm paying attention to the tones of the speaker, and since there's a language difference that doesn't always work well.

Those are my personal reasons why I am into dubbed anime but there is one important drawback that make many people prefer subbed instead.

  • You have to wait longer for new shows- The nightmare of any anime geek is running out of episodes. Since an entire script has to be developed in English, the waiting period for new episodes is almost double the time of one that is subbed. Depending on how good the show is (and there are many awesome shows) that waiting period can wreak havoc on one's mental state. Thus my current dilemma with Attack on Titan, no dubbed episodes.

There you have it, my official stance on the Dubbed vs. Subbed debate. Make sure to drop a comment below and let me know what side of the debate you are on, and why! I always welcome new insights and opinions from my nerd audience. 


Yes this is a hand-drawn pic of Sanji from One Piece, during his visit to the Island of newkama

Yes this is a hand-drawn pic of Sanji from One Piece, during his visit to the Island of newkama